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Down jackets and coats for women from Esprit

Women's down jackets and coats keep us pleasantly warm even when temperatures are low, whether we opt for a short quilted down jacket for a shopping spree in the city or a down coat with a fur-lined hood for long walks in the park. But down jackets are desirable for more than just their high-quality padding materials and practicality: a waisted down jacket can emphasise feminine curves and fashionable quilting patterns, and stylish design details like plush edging give our down jackets a unique aspect, and even a cosy down parka can be drawn in at the waist with a smart belt. Down jackets and coats ensure that our outfit always goes with our personal style regardless of the outside temperature.

They always cut a fine figure: down jackets and coats for women

It's a lovely clear day outside, but it's also very cold. But still, there's no excuse for staying in a cosy warm bed, because one of your friends decided on the spur of the moment to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter, whose acquaintance you're scheduled to make on a lengthy walk this morning. Apart from that your long quilted down jacket gives you more than enough protection from the cold. You're the first to arrive at the agreed rendezvous at the forest car park. While you're waiting you tighten the belt of your cosy coat, put up your fur-lined hood and enjoy the cool air and the clear sunlight. And there's your friend; you can already recognise her shiny down hooded jacket from a long way off. Trotting along next to her is a little terrier mongrel called Max, who immediately falls over himself to greet you. You fish a dog biscuit out of your coat pocket that you've had the foresight to bring along, which immediately gains you a place of honour in Max' hall of heroes. Your friend is just telling you all about her first couple of days with Max as two young ladies come towards you with a huge mastiff. Even though neither you nor your friend are scared of dogs you're curious to see how Max will handle the meeting. The mastiff immediately charges towards you. But just as quickly one of the two girls calls over to tell you not to worry. She digs out a little pipe from the pocket of her short quilted down jacket and blows into it. Although you don't hear a thing the mastiff actually turns on its heels and runs back to the two women, who reward him enthusiastically. Little Max is completely thrilled and charges off immediately. He greets the mastiff enthusiastically – and immediately the odd little couple begin to gambol and play. You soon get chatting to the two pleasant young ladies, mostly about dogs and the weather of course. One of the two girls comments about the fact that there are usually only a few ramblers in the woods in this kind of weather, as she fastens the toggles on her duffel coat style quilted down coat. You tell her that the best time to be in the woods is in the early morning coolness as long as you're properly dressed for the occasion.

Our favourites on cold days: down jackets and coats for women

When Max and his big friend finally go their own separate ways, you take your friend by the arm and are glad to be spending this beautiful morning outside together, no matter how cold it is. Anyway you hardly notice the cold because of the brisk walk, animated discussions and your warm down jacket. As you say goodbye a few hours later you're already agreed that these morning walks should become a regular fixture – with your new little friend, Max.

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