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Jumpers and knitwear by Esprit

No wardrobe is complete without jumpers. Jumpers and knitted jumpers for women are both feel-good fashion and essential basics at the same time. Traditional or trendy styles, a wide range of materials and sophisticated details enable women's jumpers to keep looking original again and again. Soft femininity in a tight cashmere jumper, relaxed comfort in a cotton sweater or snug cosiness in a knitted jumper with an XL turtleneck collar – anything goes. We love jumpers because they fit comfortably and wonderfully relaxed with any style and can be infinitely re-combined. That's what makes jumpers a real fashion essential and a favourite for any occasion.

Classic, trendy, cosy – women's jumpers are multifaceted companions

You're on your way home from the office in the soft dusky light. It's been a long day, the last one in a busy week full of meetings and challenges. Dead tired you open the door to your flat, drop your bag and kick off your shoes in the hallway, strip off the slim-line grey V-neck cashmere jumper and hop into a pair of leggings and a comfortable oversized jumper. The only thing you want right now is a lie down on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a book – but then the phone rings. Your ears prick up at the sound of your best friend's excited voice: her Italian uncle has invited her to spend a few days with him in Tuscany to help with the olive harvest. The olives are only harvested every second year – you can't miss this opportunity!

By the time your friend pulls up in the car outside your door just after dawn the next morning there's no trace left of last night's tiredness. In a pair of vintage jeans, sneakers and a light fine-knit cardigan you throw your travel bag in the boot and jump in. In the most beautiful morning light, with loud music and the first hot coffee of the day in your hand you set off on your journey south. You take your time, stop for a rest here and there in picturesque places and enjoy every minute of the journey. It's already late evening by the time you drive into the cobbled yard of an old manor built of unhewn stone. Your friend's uncle comes towards you smiling broadly followed by his wife, their two grown-up sons and two shaggy dogs. While her uncle greets the pair of you in his enthusiastic Italian way, his wife has already picked up your bags and tugs the sleeve of your friend's soft turtleneck jumper to show her to the guest room. There's no time to relax. You sit together for ages in the inner courtyard of the house over wine and olives with goats' cheese from the neighbouring farm and loads of other lovely delicacies. Your friend interprets the lively conversation for you as well as she can. Happy and relaxed in your soft rough-knit mohair jumper your gaze constantly drifts across the clear night sky above you and you're glad to have agreed to the spontaneous adventure.

Knitted jumpers for women – from sophisticated angora to cosy mohair

The next day your friend's aunt wakes you with a cup of strong coffee and sweet pastries – then they start to explain what your job will entail. You're standing among the green twigs in the middle of the olive grove, you in a plain cotton jumper and Chinos, your friend in washed-look jeans and a stretchy fine-knit jumper, learning how to separate the fallen olives from the leaves. You're amazed at your friend's whole family's skill and routine. You spend the entire day in the olive grove, only interrupted by a lengthy lunch in the inner courtyard with a huge dish of pasta, fresh bread with tomatoes, grapes and figs. Then it's straight back to work. Only when dusk finally descends over the gnarly little trees do you gather the tools and go back to the manor house where a hot shower and a fantastic supper are waiting for you. Tired, full and happy you finally walk over to the low stone wall that surrounds the yard. In jeans and a fine-knit cashmere sweater, your friend in ribbed leggings and a wool-mix V-neck jumper, you sit quietly in the darkness and review the day in your mind's eye. It'll be the same again tomorrow – you can hardly wait.

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