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Suit skirts by Esprit

Suit skirts combine feminine with formal, and straight with relaxed. Casual chic in the office or ever-changing outfits for formal occasions; herringbone design, cotton or woollen mix, plaits, zips or two-tone: with their ultra-varied styles and materials suit skirts offer us the whole range of styles for ever-changing looks. Knee-length classic? Modern and slightly shortened? Linen mix with pumps or woollen skirt with boots? Forget the traditional office look – what we all want is individual and varied clothing.

Feminine formal styles with a casual accent

It's your big day – you've finally got an interview for your dream job in a small but highly respected company. Your CV is tailor-made for the job description; your ideas and experience match the company's portfolio perfectly. You're standing at the door of a charming art nouveau house ten minutes too early dressed in a dark viscose-mix blue pencil skirt, a plain top and a light-coloured short blazer. You talk for ages with the boss and a project manager in a well-lit conference room. It was worth taking the time to prepare: the boss expresses his thanks to you for the stimulating discussion and promises to contact you over the next few days. To make the time go quicker you spend as much time as possible out and about: workouts at the gym just round the corner, shopping trips with your little sister, dropping in on a former workmate – and this afternoon you're meeting a good friend at a café. You've just sat down in the stylish espresso bar dressed in your nonchalant tweed dress and a cashmere jumper when your telephone rings. It's a short call – as of next month you'll be working at your dream job.

Classic, trendy, individual – suit skirts, more than just business as usual

It's the start of your first day at work. In your laid-back business look, your light wool-mix skirt and a silk dress you first get to know your colleagues and enjoy their heartfelt welcome. Your team leader gives you an overview of the upcoming projects, discusses the details with you and asks for your input. In a flurry of new impressions and information the day flies by – by the time you set off for home you're already bursting with ideas for the next day. Despite your tiredness you want to tell your best friend all about your first day at work. On the spur of the moment you decide to meet up at a trendy tapas bar. After a quick shower and a rapid make-up session you set off again in a dark stretch skirt, leather boots and a casual waterfall top. Your friend, still dressed in her black business skirt and stretch blouse, is already waiting for you at the bar with two glasses of wine and wants an immediate update. You sit together for ages in the relaxed atmosphere of the bar and celebrate your success. The first week in your new job flies by with meetings and learning your new role. You don't have that much time to get used to things – by the first Friday you and a colleague are already trying to convince the powers that be to sponsor a new project, Dressed plainly in pumps and a pin-stripe skirt and a tightly tailored black blazer you and a colleague head off to meet the client and go through all the details of the project in the back of the taxi one last time. There was no need for your nervousness -– your presentation is a success. On your way back to the office you agree to meet up at a new bar that evening – just to drink to the exciting times ahead.

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