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Denim skirts by Esprit

For decades denim has been at the top of our list of absolute favourites. Made for eternity, always in fashion and extremely adaptable; denim is the stuff that nonchalant feminine looks are made of. That's denim skirts in a nutshell; casual and feminine, relaxed and sexy – in short: denim skirts really suit us. Whether it's a denim mini skirt or a showy full-length denim skirt with trendy stripes or washed look: the denim skirt is a timeless classic that continually reinvents itself.

It's a done deal: now that you've got the new job it's finally time to leave your little, well-loved flat to look for somewhere more roomy. Three rooms with a kitchen diner and balcony, high ceilings and wooden floorboards – as soon as you start looking through the real estate pages you start to dream. The next weekend you're already out with a friend getting to know a couple of interesting flats from the outside first – where they are, what the neighbourhood is like and checking out the local lifestyle. In a short washed-denim skirt with ankle booties and a lightweight jacket you drift around the various districts and soak up the atmosphere of the different parts of town. It's a lovely, sunny day and as you come to a halt in front of a house in a little tree-lined side road you know immediately; this is where you're going to live.

A classic with many facets – a fantastic selection of denim skirts

You've taken the next Monday off to have the estate agent show you around your dream house. You don't want to leave anything to change, especially not your outfit. Casually styled in a stretchy denim skirt and a V-neck jumper you first head to the hairdresser. You take your time and once again your thoughts drift off to the afternoon and your house inspection. The sun is still shining as you meet up with the estate agent in front of the house after a brief lunch wearing your straight-cut, knee-length denim skirt with its fine ornamental stitching and a light-coloured blouse. Happily curious you follow him in through the front door and see at first sight that it meets all your expectations: big, bright rooms, a balcony that looks down onto a little garden, a huge bath and a beautiful kitchen, just made for sitting comfortably with friends. You have to have this place.

Dark blue, vintage or washed, coloured denim or pinstripe – everything in jeans

A week later you're on the edge of your seat till you finally get the call: you can move in as early as next month! There's hardly any time to celebrate – there's way too much to do. But you meet up with two of your friends at your favourite bar on the spur of the moment just to raise a glass to the big event. In a great mood, dressed in your denim mini skirt with a short blazer and high heels, you sit for ages with your friends completely relaxed, and the three of you furnish the flat in your minds' eye. The following Saturday is a great chance to get your hands on a few packing cases and to snoop around the furniture store for an unusual ceiling lamp just to perfect your new kitchen. In your showy skirt of dark denim you stroll through the store, take inspiration from the furniture displays and collect a bunch of great ideas about what you can make of your new rooms. At last you've found your own perfect home where you can live the lifestyle that suits you and feel great with no stress whatsoever. Enjoy this time of freedom in your life – with denim skirts from Esprit.

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