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Mini skirts by Esprit

It's the little things that make life worth living. It's not for nothing that the mini skirt's campaign of victory has continued through all the changing fashions ever since its first cheeky appearance. What other item of clothing unites feminine style with nonchalant and charming sex appeal so well? Mini skirts reveal your legs and your femininity and long ago became an essential fashion accessory with their unlimited styling possibilities. From the showy denim mini skirt that we proudly wore with our first real pair of high heels to the dark pencil mini skirt in which we effortlessly glide through long days in the office, the mini skirt stays with us through every phase of our lives; a timeless classic and a fashion must-have that is up for anything.

Elegant city look, casual leisure time chic, glamorous evening styling

Early morning en route to the airport. A short trip to London with your best friend is exactly what's needed to discover new trends and come up with some new ideas for the little gallery you run together. Two action-packed days in an exciting city with art and flea markets, boutiques, culture and new faces – there's so much to be discovered. Looking very British in your tweed mini skirt, cardigan and flat pumps you plan a few meetings and consider your next steps as you sit on the plane. Your charming little hotel is right in the middle of the East End. As soon as you've checked in you're off out into the streets and immediately fall under the spell of the lively chaos of the underground shops, galleries, young designers, bars and cafés. You could easily spend the entire day drifting aimlessly through the colourful streets, but work takes priority. You're meeting an agent for lunch at a little Italian street café, who represents a number of talented up-and-coming artists. In your stretch mini skirt and your narrow V-neck jumper you feel entirely at home in the relaxed atmosphere of the quiet Italian establishment. The meeting is highly interesting and you take your leave with a head full of valuable information and a few promising new contacts. Such a successful start has to be celebrated – and how better than with an outing to Spitalfields market. Dressed in a coloured denim mini skirt, booties and a chunky jumper you rummage through stalls of retro and vintage look fashions and get chatting to two young students, who are selling their own produce at a little market stand. On the spur of the moment you all decide to head to a little pub a few streets away for a drink or two and a bite to eat. The time flies by with interesting conversations and valuable insider tips from the London art scene, and it's almost midnight by the time you get back to the hotel.

Every day something new, every day a mini skirt

The next day you head for Vyner Street just a stone's throw from your hotel. Your new friends recommended a couple of art galleries on this street. A washed out denim mini skirt with a stretch blouse and corduroy blazer is your own personal take on London style – casual elegance that lets you feel yourself. After a short rest at a great little espresso bar you spend the morning looking, rummaging around and discovering. Overwhelmed but also inspired by the artistic variety on show in the East End you only have time for a quick lunch break before doing the traditional thing and taking a trip to the Portobello market. You soak up the lively, urban atmosphere of Notting Hill. You spend hours strolling through the market and neighbouring streets and in no time at all your final evening in London has started. You mark your departure from this cosmopolitan city with dinner at a fine restaurant. Fantastically feminine and elegant in your shiny fashionable skirt and high heels, you enjoy an excellent meal in a quiet, laid back atmosphere. Over cocktails in a nearby stylish bar you review the overwhelming impressions of the past two days in your mind's eye. Departure day: you're off home with loads of new impressions and inspiration for thousands of new projects. You give yourself an extra hour in bed before quickly packing your things. You in your comfortable mixed wool mini skirt and your friend in an understated pencil skirt and fine-knit cardigan both sink back into your seats as you watch the city below getting smaller and smaller. You're looking forward to home and the exciting, work-filled days to come.

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