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Skirts by Esprit

There's something magical about a skirt. They can transform an outfit from one moment to the next. Skirts and high boots are the dream team, an exciting contrast to booties and the nonplus ultra of feminine elegance when combined with high heels. An ankle-length chiffon maxi skirt is as great on a summer's day as a woollen mini skirt with a warm pair of tights on a winter's walk. Whether short or long, skirts are so fantastically flexible that they never need to meet expectations. And that's exactly how we want to be!

Perfect femininity in all its facets

On Monday morning you awaken with the gleaming sunshine in your eyes – there's no better way to start the week. You're wide awake in a flash. You're feeling upbeat and full of energy as you leave the house in your traditional black pencil skirt with stretch blouse and blazer. Drinking your usual regular latte along the route just improves your good mood even more. Today you're immune to the stress of everyday life. After two meeting, dozens of phone calls and an unbelievably short lunch break your working day comes to an end and you've still got time to enjoy the late evening sun. Your favourite work colleague is more than happy to join you. A short stop off at home, then you meet up in the nearby park, which is always full of life at this time: children playing, dogs charging around, families on blankets, and all sorts of people chatting and laughing. Comfortable and relaxed in a balloon skirt or a snazzy denim skirt and tight-fitting V-neck jumper you sit together and enjoy the evening, until the sun drops to the horizon bathing the sky in a breathtaking ocean of red, orange and violet.

Made of thick wool, casual denim, gentle viscose and soft jersey material: skirts can do it all and more

The fine weather doesn't last long. On Wednesday you wake up to a cloudy sky and a cold northerly wind. But there's no need to be down in the mouth – you simply defy the cold temperatures in a smart woollen skirt and high-leg boots. You spend the day with the usual tasks and are glad of the evening, when you visit a private showing at a good friend's gallery. You've had this special date in your calendar for weeks. Only at home do you make your final decision on what to wear as you eat a quick supper: a pleated mini skirt with turtleneck sweater or a coloured denim skirt with a fashionable top? One way or the other, an eye-catching outfit is perfect for this event. The evening is great and flies by with exciting conversations and a sea of new faces. The week too goes by quickly. It's Friday already and you've taken the afternoon off to go shopping with your big sister in peace and quiet. Occasions like this don't come around that often and one thing's for certain; whenever you and your sister go shopping together you'll be visiting every single one of the small but excellent little boutiques for miles around. Elegant and feminine in a loosely hanging A-line skirt with booties and a cashmere cardigan you stroll through the shops, stop every now and then and talk about the most important events of the past few weeks. Your laid back chic still feels good as you sit together in the evening over a glass of wine and tapas, comparing the day's booty and, as usual with sisters, trying to outdo each other (in the nicest possible way). Perfectly satisfied with yourself and the week you drop into bed. The weekend is waiting – time for something different!

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