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Sweatshirts and jackets for women by Esprit

Sweatshirts and sweat jackets are sporty and comfortable – but given their pretty and feminine styling it would be a shame just to wear them for running or to the gym. Regardless of whether it's a soft jersey sweater, a laid back zip hoodie or a waisted sweat jacket of cotton – sweatshirts and jackets for women need to be shown off. The infinite variety of styles and trendy colours give you just what you need for any occasion, whether it's leisure, shopping, a day outside in the fresh air or even for dressing down at work. There are so many relaxed ways to tackle the day – that's why we can never have enough sweatshirts and jackets.

Lightweight and casual or waisted and sporty – but always comfortable

It's the the hill walking weekend you've been planning for ages – finally it's about to start. The weather forecast was for clear, sunny weather and so on Friday evening you're stood outside your front door in a lightweight fleece jacket and a pair of jeans, all packed and ready to go. Your best friend, casually dressed in cargo trousers and soft oversized sweater, comes to pick you up. Side by side you hoist the rucksacks onto your shoulders and head off to pick up your other friend who's coming on the hill walking tour with you. The three of you spend the night at your friend's flat because he lives close to the station. Even before the sun comes up you're off with fully packed rucksacks and in a great mood. First you travel an hour by train. In stone-washed jeans and a sweat hoodie with print you lean back in your seat, stretch out your legs and wonder what the weekend has in store for you. At a forlorn looking station you climb aboard a long-distance bus that takes passengers up to the high mountain villages. The little bus struggles up the narrow road, higher and higher, until you get off about an hour later at a picturesque little village. It's still early morning so the first thing you do is to buy some fresh bread rolls and half a loaf at the village bakery before walking a few kilometres up a forest path. In the gradually warming sunlight in a small clearing you take out a gas cooker and enjoy an outdoor breakfast of rolls and fresh coffee.

Sweatshirts and jackets for any occasion, but most of all to make you feel great

All that day you stroll through the forest, which is thinning out with every metre of altitude; you pass bizarre rock formations and alpine meadows where a few scattered cows and goats are quietly grazing. You stop for lunch at a small natural spring from which wonderfully fresh water is bubbling. Without wasting much time your friend takes off her cotton sweatshirt and washes her arms and neck in the ice-cold water. You continue up the mountain, ever higher. The sun is already low in the sky as you walk round one last bend and finally arrive in front of the mountain shack where you'll be spending the night. The landlord is already waiting for you: dinner will be ready within half an hour. Enough time for a wash and change of clothes. Refreshed in a pair of leggings and a knitted sweater you take a seat out on the broad veranda as the daylight fades, where your friend is waiting for the two of you in a pair of sweat pants and a warm zip hoodie. Not even a minute later you're joined on the veranda by your other friend who's washed and hungry. You enjoy the lovely evening meal of hot stew, fresh bread and different kinds of cheese from a nearby alpine meadow. When the sun goes now it gets noticeably cooler. But only when it's completely dark and millions of stars are twinkling in the inky sky do you go back into the house and slip into bed with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

The following morning you're awakened by the fine tinkling of bells. A herd of cows is being herded by just outside. In a long drawn-out row they amble unhurriedly along the track to the next alpine meadow. It's a beautiful sunny day – you hop out of bed, quickly throw on a top and sweat jacket of fine jersey wool and go downstairs. A bit later your still sleepy friend joins you dressed in leggings and a hooded sweatshirt. The breakfast table is already set with bread and cheese, mountain honey and smoked ham by the time your other friend appears. After a lengthy breakfast you begin your descent. You pause again and again to marvel at the breathtaking view deep into the valley below. There are a few steep bits to negotiate where the path consists of nothing more than a few rough hewn steps in the rock face – then the path widens and the descent gets easier. You reach the village late in the afternoon just as the bus is making its way up the road. Happy and content you snuggle back into the cushioned seat and review the day's events in your mind's eye as the gentle swaying of the bus slowly rocks you to sleep.

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