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Women's T-shirts by Esprit

T-shirts go to show that the simple things are often the best. Almost unnoticed the T-shirt has developed from a sporty, neutral classic to a feminine all-rounder. Women's T-shirts have all the characteristics of a timeless favourite; they are versatile and completely changeable, ageless and constantly re-inspire our imagination. A tried and trusted basic? Women's T-shirts are far more than that. They are feminine nonchalance and a laid back thirst for adventure rolled into one.

A timeless classic that continually reinvents itself

On your way to work on Friday morning you're already feeling in weekend mood: two long, lazy days just waiting for you! The working day flies by. You make a few calls, agree deadlines, settle outstanding paperwork – in your waterfall T-shirt with a pair of white skinny jeans or a stretchy basic T-shirt under a short blazer you manage everything quickly and calmly: your good mood stays with you all day long. So what does the weekend have in store for you? You've already got your sports bag with you because, as always on Fridays, the first thing planned for after work is a bit of exercise; pilates at the fitness studio round the corner with one of the girls from work. A comfortable over-sized T-shirt with print pattern along with leggings or shorts gives you the freedom of movement you need for these demanding exercises. For an hour and a half you concentrate exclusively on yourself and your body until you finally set off for home, exhausted but fully in harmony – it's the weekend!

Saturday begins at home, majestically unspectacular and invincibly casual in a simple jersey T-shirt or a cotton long-sleeved top. Time now for old those vital trifles: reading the newspaper from start to finish; sorting out your wardrobe or taking the time for a long telephone chat with your best friend. Maybe a face pack or paint your nails along the way: Saturday morning is just for you and you enjoy every minute of it. But your support is required in the afternoon. A good friend has invited you to keep him company at a flea market. In a flash you've packed a box full of old records, books and few other things and are on your way. The weather is great and the stands at the flea market are little hubs of colourful chaos. In your ringed T-shirt or a sleeveless viscose shirt under a cardigan you haggle for bargains, buy coffee and cake with the first of the day's takings and see plenty of well-known faces. In the late afternoon you celebrate your successful sales with a meal at the little Thai restaurant round the corner.

Fashion shirt or traditional T-shirt – women's shirts are good in any situation

On Sunday you're meeting the whole family for brunch. There's an aroma of fresh coffee and rolls, of scrambled eggs and your mother's excellent muffins. In a V-neck T-shirt or perhaps a fashionable shirt with comfortable Chinos you soak up the relaxed atmosphere, chat, laugh and enjoy the rare opportunity to see everyone together again. The time flies by and it's already late afternoon as you set off for home with a feeling of emotional security and belonging. Your Sunday draws to a close with a quiet concert at one of the small clubs in the town centre, which you visit with your best friend. Nonchalantly feminine and with the merest hint of glamour in an effective crinkle shirt or sophisticated fashionable T-shirt you allow yourself to be inspired and carried away by the intense sounds: Where should your next holiday be? Wonder what you'll be doing a year from now? Regardless of where you might go or what the next day may have in store, women's T-shirts are bound to be part of the picture. They give your life a dash of colour and variety and are a font of inspiration for your own completely individual style. Women's T-shirts from Esprit – totally simple but simply something special.

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