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Women's tops by Esprit

Women's tops are proof positive that we well understand how to make the most of our styling options. For all women who want more than just blouses, T-shirts and long sleeves, women's tops offer everything from traditional to trendy items, from simple to glamorous: how about a sporty stretch top or an attractively tailored fashion top with all-over print, or maybe a shiny viscose mix or something traditional in black? Standards and basics are all well and good, but it's the multitude of styles and colours that transform a mere outfit into our totally individual look. Let's exploit this variety – with women's tops from Esprit.

Tops – our all-round solution for feminine looks

It's Friday and your best friend from school is coming to stay for the weekend. Two days of reminiscing, bringing each other up to date and just soaking up that old feeling of familiarity that you've enjoyed for so long. Still in your office outfit – a sleeveless satin shirt under a short blazer – you stand at the platform; two minutes later you're hugging your old friend. First a quick trip to the house to shower and change and then catch up on the latest over a glass of decent wine and a small supper. It's as if time had gone into reverse. Completely relaxed in a long top and cotton treggings you sit at the kitchen table for hours chatting, eating and laughing tears about anecdotes from your old school days. On Saturday you enjoy a long lie in – it's all about well-being. Dressed in a simple tank top of ribbed cotton with sweat pants you nip out to grab a few freshly baked rolls before enjoying a lavish breakfast with coffee, orange juice and another round of stories. Time to show your friend your new home town. Together you set out on foot to explore the town. Of course you take in the plethora of small shops and boutiques along the way in which there is always something special to be found. Nonchalantly elegant in a print top, cardigan and boyfriend-look jeans you go with the flow, range through new and well-known parts of town and end the day in a charming little Italian street café where you like to celebrate special occasions.

Up for anything: women's tops in every style, for any mood

Saturday evening and a chance to introduce your old friend to everyone you hold dear. Where better to have a relaxed conversation than somewhere with good music and cocktails? You meet up with a few of your closest friends at a stylish bar with live music. Elegant and feminine in skinny jeans, high heels and a gently cascading waterfall top you enjoy the lively but stylish atmosphere in the little bar, the compelling music and the special mood that characterises this evening. Long after midnight the two of you take your leave and head back home, arm in arm – what a day! Sunday, the day of departure, comes around much too quickly. After a large coffee and warm croissants you sit together in the kitchen, talk about last night and make your plans for the day. An acquaintance has invited you to her gallery to view the work of an up-and-coming artist. A bit of culture is exactly what you need for a quiet Sunday, and a cleverly tailored jersey top with stretch skirt and boots is the perfect outfit for a visit to the sophisticated little gallery. You spend ages contemplating the unusual pictures and return home full of new impressions. But already it's time for your friend to pack her things. Wearing your casual Henley shirt, Chinos and sneakers, the trip to the station is your last chance to rehash the old memories you both treasure so much. The visit ends with heartfelt hug, waving till she's out of sight and the firm decision to repay the visit in a month's time at the latest.

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