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Leggings by Esprit

From trendy fitness accessory to everyday favourite: even though leggings are still distantly reminiscent of aerobics and step-dancing today, we're glad that such a fantastically versatile, figure-emphasising and comfortable item of clothing is no longer reserved for the gym and jogging track. With an infinite variety of materials, colours and details, leggings have long ago gone on to become a reliable part of our wardrobes. Leggings are for everyone. Whether it's jersey-material leggings with a narrow-waisted blazer or transparent three-quarter leggings under a loose-fitting slip-on dress – leggings have been transformed into a fashion all-rounder.

Casual Style that fits in anywhere: leggings are Jack of all trades

It's a done deal: this weekend you're going to renovate your flat from top to bottom. All of your friends are in the picture and have offered their help. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is pretty bad – the ideal circumstances for your plans. After a cup of strong coffee on the Saturday morning you all start moving the furniture out of the kitchen and living room. In a pair of basic stretch leggings, sneakers and a zip-up hoodie you're just in the mood for moving things around, tidying up and sorting things out. You rapidly fill a few boxes with things you no longer need. You all pool your energies to paint the walls and ceilings in fresh new colours. Capri leggings and a tank top are all you need under your practical painters' overalls. After three hours of concentrated action you all stand in the middle of the empty rooms marvelling at the airy spaciousness that the new coat of paint has lent your flat. Enough for today – but you still take the time to nip into the furniture shop to grab a few new picture frames and some curtains. Stylishly protected from the evening chill by a pair of stretch jersey-material leggings and booties under a corduroy skirt, you set off, take your time to shop around and eventually discover a set of airy-looking curtains that would go perfectly with the new colours in your living room.

Comfort, variety and sex-appeal come together on your leg

On Sunday you motivate your assistants for the next round with a lavish breakfast. The kitchen is still completely empty, but it's just as easy to enjoy coffee, warm rolls and freshly squeezed orange juice on an improvised bench in the bedroom. Relaxed and comfortable in ribbed leggings and an over-sized jumper you take the time to enjoy your breakfast before you allocate the day's tasks. The kitchen gets a new floor, whilst the living room is fitted with a plush new carpet. You throw yourselves into the task with gusto but still find time for short breaks or to talk about how best to implement some new idea. New curtains, a stylish ceiling light and a couple of new pictures, then it's time to reposition the furniture. Only one thing left to do after this final effort – a quick shower and then meet up with your fantastic friends at your favourite Italian. You show your gratitude for all their help with a lavish dinner. Nonchalantly styled in shiny leggings with high heels, a satin top and blazer you sit together with your energetic assistants until late into the evening. Back home, despite being tired, you take a while to relax on the couch in your new living room wearing a pair of corduroy leggings and a chunky-knit cardigan and surrounded by the unique combination of the new, the familiar and your own unique style.

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