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Women's trousers by Esprit

A never-ending story of favourites and classics. There aren't many things that say as much about us as our favourite pair of trousers. Women's trousers are as multi-faceted as we are; nonchalant and feminine at the same time. They feel good and make us look great. Perfectly worn in denim classics, fervently loved Chinos, chic skinny jeans – our favourites outlast every trend and become a part of our personal biography without any effort on our part. It's time to find that special pair of trousers that you can wear differently time and time again. It’s time for a new love story.

Relaxed style and timeless class

The day dawns and you too awaken. Jogging through the woods in the fresh morning air you breath deeply and freely whilst the dew still glistens on the twigs. Traditional leggings or a pair of lightweight cotton capri pants are your companions on this mild summer morning. As the first of the cooler days approach, you find yourself criss-crossing the autumnal woods in your sporty jersey trousers as you enjoy the wonderfully clear air and the changing of the seasons. Back home – a refreshing shower and a quick breakfast. What's on today? Stuck at your desk or in meetings, casual or formal chic – you face the day's hectic activity with a relaxed style and effortless elegance, in your narrow cotton slacks or feminine suit-trousers with herringbone look. Calm and always yourself, no matter what's on the schedule. The weekend – you've got the whole day ahead of you. You head out to make new discoveries and enjoy the day to the full. You browse the accessories at the flea market, enjoy the colourful chaos and unearth a few unexpected treasures. In a pair of Chinos in soft pastel hues or narrow vintage jeans you totally blend in with the atmosphere of a perfect morning. You meet up with your best friend for a late lunch in the city. Time for a personal, feminine style. Black skinny jeans or cotton stretch pants in warm earthy tones are the basics for an afternoon of chatting, strolling and shopping; comfortable and the perfect match for anything you might spot in a showroom window as you do the rounds. You take the path of least resistance through the crowds, watch the people passing by and stop off at the park later in the afternoon. Children are playing football and filling the air with their shouts and laughter as the sun slowly sinks – you breath easily and let your thoughts wander.

Favourites from Esprit – always right, always different

The day is drawing to a close – but not for you. Dinner at the new restaurant on the corner? Hook up with a few friends at the cocktail bar? The night is short enough; light it up with a pair of shiny, silky treggings and a chiffon top, elegant stretch trousers of twill, a fantastic mood and a huge portion of individual style. Be a knock-out – just be yourself. Our online shop offers more than just women's trousers; these are beautiful favourites for unique moments. Chinos that make you smile at yourself in the mirror. Leggings that look different with each change of outfit. Jeans that still feel great as the day starts to dawn. It's time to forget your responsibilities for a while – rediscover your curiosity and revel in your own unique, genuine style. That is the freedom that Esprit gives you.

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