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Lingerie by Esprit, women's underwear

We love lingerie, not just because it makes for a soft feeling of well-being underneath anything we might wear. We love it because the huge range of pretty and seductive women's underwear gives us the opportunity to dress and show ourselves in our true colours every day. Lingerie is magical. As the most personal of all fashion items it ensures that we feel great – even if we don't show it. Whether it's comfortable everyday bras and briefs, sporty underwired bras and soft hipsters or a sexy, lacy balconette bra – no outfit is complete without a beautiful set of women's underwear. No day is complete without lingerie that makes you feel great.

A comfortable fit and seductive look – lingerie combines both

You've got a long week of meetings ahead of you; important business meeting, an afternoon shopping with your sister and a concert you've been looking forward to for weeks. The Monday begins with rain and a business meeting that takes up nearly the whole day. A new business project is coordinated and your classy business outfit makes for self-confidence and a feeling of well-being. Under your narrow cut waisted trouser suit you're wearing a traditional push up bra with matching seamless short hipsters. The working day flies by and ends on a very promising note. Just to complete the already great start to the week you have an evening dinner date with an old acquaintance. In a good quality black pencil skirt over a silky negligée with lace you sit in a small French restaurant amidst a romantic atmosphere enjoying a fantastic dinner for two.

You've taken the Wednesday off. There's not much going on in the office – on the other hand you've got loads to do. First you need to wake up and take a couple of deep breaths. In the early morning sun you take a long jog around the park. In leggings and a functional top over a breathable supported bra with sporty hipster shorts you concentrate completely on the rhythm of your own breath and enjoy your movements. Back home you prepare yourself for a lengthy shopping trip all around the town with a shower and breakfast. Your sister wants to buy a whole new wardrobe for her new job; an ideal opportunity to grab a few new things for yourself. You opt for a vintage-look outfit and a pair of narrow booties. A variable multi-function bra with a playful hip string is the perfect shopping combination and will go with anything you might want to try on. In the evening you use the energy you still have left after your trip through the various boutiques to visit a gallery preview together – you need a bit of culture and some new faces. Under a knee-length stretch skirt and a softly hanging satin blouse and high heels you wear a high-quality bra with padded cups and a stretch petticoat that gently moulds your body and makes you look great all evening.

Feel the way you look – feminine, natural, fantastic

Friday at last! Feeling fantastically feminine in your skinny jeans and stretch blouse with ankle booties over an unpadded lacy bra and soft hipster shorts you complete your tasks in the office in a casual and relaxed manner. At the end of the day you're in a hurry to get home: it's time to change and get yourself sorted out for the concert you bought tickets for weeks ago. You're in a great mood and feel light and seductive. Skinny jeans and a silky shiny waterfall top with high-leg boots – and matching lingerie – make up your outfit for an exciting Friday evening. In your see-through lacy string and traditional, lace-lined push up bra you're feeling naturally feminine and wonderfully attractive. Whether it's for a special evening, for your own personal moments of well-being or for the sake of relaxed but seductive styling: always be yourself – in women's underwear from Esprit.

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