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Push-up bras byEsprit

Push-up bras and lingerie for that little bit extra. They provide support and wonderful comfort in every situation, but in addition push-ups add a special touch of femininity to every outfit. Regardless of whether it's a balconette bra or a silky push-up bra with lacy details, whether it's for a great cleavage in a low-cut dress or for a feminine shape in a stretchy top – push-up bras are great little helpers when it comes to making the best of our own personal looks. Available in a huge range of different styles from sophisticated to playful, with print or in silky white, push-up bras also match our own personal style and – of course – all of our moods.

Push-up bras – a plethora of styles for feminine figures

It's an exciting week in the little photo gallery where you work. An exhibition of the work of a well-known photographer known internationally for his enormously impressionistic pictures is opening on Friday with a private viewing. Wednesday begins with two press conferences one after the other, at which you are able to give a short presentation of the artist's work and the exhibition. Right on time and bursting with energy you meet the journalists at the gallery, dressed in a pair of black treggings and a feminine, short, waisted blazer under which your playful push-up bra with its multi-functional supports works perfectly. Confidently you go through the interviews and finish up by providing some more detail on the gallery and its history.

That afternoon you quickly check the photographer's hotel reservation and time of arrival, then you drive home to get changed for a business dinner. Your boss and mentor has invited you to a trendy French brasserie to go over the plans for the coming two days one more time. A plain pin-stripe dress with V-neck and a romantic, underwired balconette push-up bra make for a comfortable combination between business dress and evening wear. It turns into a long evening and so you use the Thursday morning to get fit with an hour of pilates at your gym. In a pair of ¾ leggings and stretch tank top over a breathable underwired bra with pleasant padded supports and soft hipster shorts you go through one exercise after another during your training session, enjoy the physical exertion and notice how the tension ebbs away. There's even time for a cosy breakfast at home – the photographer isn't flying in from London till the early afternoon. In a pair of trendy coloured skinny jeans, ankle booties and a soft cascading silk blouse over a posh push-up bra with padded cups and lace you meet your guest at the terminal right on time and take him to the hotel. You give him the details of a few interesting places to visit in the town and arrange to meet him at the gallery the next morning.

Feminine, sexy and above all, wonderfully comfortable in every situation

On the Friday you get to work really early. You head for work in the best possible mood dressed in casual style in a classic push-up bra under a knitted dress and velour high-leg boots. With your boss and the photographer you coordinate the lighting and positioning of the photographs, discussing the order and checking the information plaques for the individual works. After a late lunch you set out some drinks, glasses and finger food before dashing home for a shower and to get ready for the evening. A snug-fitting black dress with cascading neckline and high heels and a sexy push-up bra with lace and a lacy string provide the level of stylish glamour that the occasion demands. Understated but with its own particular touch your outfit fits in perfectly with the large format, atmospheric black and white photographs and the evening's lively atmosphere. The private viewing is a complete success; it's already late at night by the time the last few guests take their leave. You take a taxi home – and are already looking forward to the first day of the exhibition.

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