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Panties by Esprit

Panties are among the most modern items of lingerie: usually wide and with short legs this successful variant of traditional panties is both ultra-feminine and wonderfully comfortable to wear. Even if the particular comfort of panties goes perfectly with sporty and casual outfits, panties are available in a wide range of styles and materials, from silky hipster shorts to sexy lace panties to soft playful printed panties. Sexy, plain or sophisticated – panties offer us a rich variety feel-good styles for every day.

All-round stylish, all-round wellbeing – relaxed femininity

Having spent years living in your girly flat-share your decision to move into your own flat was long overdue. For a month now you've been almost ecstatic in your own two and a half room flat with balcony in a spacious old building – enough room for you and your own unique style. It's late on Friday evening and you're sitting on the sofa completely relaxed in an oversized T-shirt and a cute pair of embroidered panties, when there's a sudden ring of the bell. Two of your old flatmates are standing in front of the door, grinning their heads off and carrying rucksacks. The old flat has been flooded as a result of a burst pipe and they need somewhere to stay for the night. A chance for a completely unexpected shared-flat reunion in your new place. In no time at all they bring you up to date on what happened with the burst pipe and then you start a traditional girly night – comfort is the main thing. One of them gets comfortable on the sofa in a stretchy long top and finely textured hipster panties whilst the other tries to find your old favourite CDs in a cosy jersey cardigan and hipster shorts. You order a large pizza and dig out some nail varnish and facials. You sit together until the wee hours of the morning, telling stories, laughing and swapping gossip.

As usual one of your friends is still sound asleep the next morning as you and your other friend set off for the gym to wake yourselves up during an hour of pilates. Dressed in a sporty T-shirt sand ¾-length leggings over a pair of micro-fibre hipster panties you tie the laces of your sneakers in the changing room. Your friend quickly dons a pair of light jersey wool shorts over a pair of black panties and follows you into the studio where the training is starting. You arrive home, fresh, full of energy and in the best possible mood and are met with the sound of cheerful music and the lovely smell of coffee. A jug of freshly squeezed orange juice is already on the table together with freshly reheated rolls. Your friend, in a stripy pyjama top and a pair of floral print panties, is in the middle of setting the breakfast table.

Lace and tulle v. micro-fibres and sporty styles – panties are all-rounders

After breakfast you're still sitting together around the kitchen table when the property mangers from the shared flat call. They need to get into the flat to be able to assess possible water damage. Your two friends quickly draw lots to decide which of them should make their way down to the flat with the keys. Saturday has only just begun and you don't have any plans for the day, so you decide to take a long shopping trip through the town centre with the lucky one who drew the long straw. An hour later and after styling yourself carefully you're on your way to the city. Dressed in a pair of mini hipsters made of red tulle and a matching push-up bra under a pair of slim-line Chinos and a V-neck cashmere jumper, your friend in a pair of black shaping effect panties under at sophisticated sheath dress and narrow booties, you casually stroll down the street, browsing and discovering. Sometime in the late afternoon your other friend catches up with you. You walk around the town till it gets dark and end up in little Italian restaurant where so many of your days used to end in the old days. 24 hours - just like the old days.

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