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Briefs by Esprit

Women's briefs are a classic among lingerie yet they're still anything but old-fashioned. Among a plethora of underwear variants briefs are a reliable choice for feminine looks with loads of comfort. They fit like a second skin during sport, at the office or under an evening dress and always look great in all conceivable materials and colours. Whether it's colourful cotton briefs for sport, cute mini briefs with a tight dress or hipster briefs that go great with boot-cut and hipster jeans – briefs provide what you need every day and for any outfit or fashion mood.

Women's briefs – totally comfortable to wear and softly feminine looking

Although your best friend is getting married in two months' time hardly anything has been arranged. You and two other good friends are going to be the bridesmaids but other than that, not much has been decided. Reason enough to prove yourself as a properly qualified bridesmaid and a great friend and to surprise the bride-to-be. After a few days of planning you turn up at her front door, the other two bridesmaids in tow as well as two posh platters of sophisticated finger food and petit fours. You are accompanied by one of the designers from a wedding fashion store who is dragging two large clothing racks with a huge variety of bride and bridesmaid dresses behind her. For a few seconds your friend is speechless. Then follows a great day of trying things on, gossiping, laughter and reminiscing. Of course, the first thing that is required is a wedding dress. Your friend stands in front of the clothes rack next to the assistant dressed in a pair of cute cream-coloured briefs and a matching push-up bra trying to decide between champagne and snow white. You open a bottle of ice-cooled Prosecco while one of the other bridesmaids, wearing a pair of posh flower-print briefs is just in the process of pulling a long lilac coloured low-cut dress over her head. You're still laughing about the eye-catching creation as the bride appears before you in a tight, low-neckline dress of bright coloured silk. It looks great and, as quick as a flash, dressed in just a blouse and a pair of high-leg briefs and blouse, your other friend starts digging about in the bags of shoes to find a pair of pumps that match the dress. You all agree that this dress is a dream come true – yet your friend is still not convinced.

Trendy everyday styles and soft luxury for special occasions

You carry on trying on clothes and chatting, with a lot of laughter, sugary sweet biscuits and loads of crazy ideas. Dressed in a pair of romantic white briefs and a multifunctional bra you're just in the process of examining the bridemaids' dresses when your friend discovers an unusual, knee-length bridal dress of cream-coloured chiffon. She tries it on straight away along with a pair of sexy, snow white tulle briefs, a push-up bra and matching garter. It's as if it's tailor-made for her. A pair of plain, silky shiny pumps perfect her individual look. Before you know it, it's already afternoon. Undecisively, you examine two different tulle dresses, when one of the bridesmaids comes up to you in a pair of silky briefs and a matching bra, and silently hands you a coal-coloured sheath dress and a pair of shiny black pumps. In the end, the four of you end up in front of the large bedroom mirror, posing for an imaginary wedding photo as the bride and bridesmaids in the most perfect outfit imaginable. Roll on the big day – you're as well prepared as you can be.

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