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Strings by Esprit

Even if strings have been known as an item of clothing for centuries – they're still a relatively new tradition for us. But with their elegance and sophistication these small but fine little pieces of lingerie have taken our hearts by storm. Soft and feminine with lace, seductive in transparent tulle or quite plain and cosy with a micro-fibre admixture: strings are available in every style and match any outfit beautifully. They are unobtrusively comfortable to wear under tight trousers, skirts and dresses and ensure that we feel particularly feminine and good. Effective and understated – these are the characteristics that make strings an everyday favourite.

Seductive lace and soft patterns combined with silky comfort

You've booked the flight and the hotel – just one more weekend and then you'll be off to New York with your best friend to get to know this fascinating city in all its facets. Music and galleries, sights and attractions, restaurants and bars – and of course lengthy shopping and discovery tours in the more trendy districts. On the Saturday evening before the trip you and your friend are sitting in your bedroom with Prosecco and Thai food in front of your almost completely empty wardrobe. In your left hand you're holding a playful string with a colourful print pattern and in your right hand you're holding an elegant cream-coloured hip string. You've been discussing the best clothes to take to the Big Apple for the past few hours. Which of your outfits are most appropriate for the metropolis? What will the weather be like? What do you have to take come hell or high water, and what will you be buying new anyway? For the sake of simplicity you've started with the choice of lingerie. It's got to be feminine and comfortable at the same time as suiting each of your different looks and being individual with a certain je ne se quoi; just like the city itself. While you pack the hip-string that goes perfectly with your new coloured skinny jeans, your friend has discovered a jersey dress in a sophisticated style that you absolutely must put in your travel bag. A silky black string thong and a matching push-up bra also make their way into the bag as the appropriate understated but elegant set of underwear for this dress.

Sweet or sexy, sporty or elegant – strings in every style

It's slowly getting late whilst your anticipation grows. You laugh and plan the coming days down to the smallest detail as you continue to consider items of clothing, lingerie and shoes and try to make some concrete decisions. Your friend who has brought her already packed travel bag with her starts to unpack everything so that you can tell her what you think: the black shiny treggings and cascading top – better with a sexy transparent string or a plain, pure white breathable micro-fibre string? Inspired by your friend's choice you also pack two pairs of fine micro-fibre strings – comfort is the main criteria for the long flight and shopping days. To add to the atmosphere, your friend has just put on a CD by a trendy New York singer-songwriter as your eye comes to rest on the red stretch dress that you've only ever worn once. With a pair of high-leg boots it would be exactly the right look for one of the New York galleries or an evening out in one of the little bars. With no further ado you pack the dress and boots as well as a posh string with lace and a matching push-up bra. Your friend comes dancing towards you with a freshly topped up glass of Prosecco, hands you the travel guide she's just bought and asks if you'd prefer to go to Central Park or China Town on the first day. Without waiting for your answer she pulls out a cute tulle string and a finely decorated string thong out of her travel bag – which is best for a night-time trip round New York's Meatpacking District? You nearly choke with laughter; you look at your friend and then out the window. Your mind made up you zip up your travel bag – the day is already dawning outside; the plane will be leaving in two hours' time.

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