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Women's nightwear by Esprit

Above all, nightwear and loungewear has to meet one criterion: it has to be comfortable and snug, whether in bed, during a cosy evening on the sofa or during a relaxed Sunday morning at home. But who says that women's nightwear couldn't also benefit from a huge portion of style and personality? Whether it's a lace top with a nonchalant pair of jersey wool pants, a feminine chemise or traditional cotton pyjamas – stylish night- and loungewear offers a plethora of options other than just comfort. It's possible to combine a lot of tops, shorts and trousers depending upon your mood and the season. Night time takes up a large part of our day – reason enough to feel just as well dressed in your own four walls as when you're out and about.

Feminine, nonchalant and for all seasons – nightwear to make you feel great

The long search has paid off: you've finally found a flat that you can move into with your best friend. You've been painting and decorating for a week and now the fun can begin. Your first evening together is spent in magnificently unspectacular style on the couch. You in your soft, monotone jersey pyjamas, your friend in soft cotton flannel trousers and a comfortably stretchy long-sleeve top. A huge plate of pasta and a glass of wine each – just right for enjoying your new home and making plans for the future. The next few weeks just fly by. There's loads to do at work and there are always a couple of little things to sort out in the flat after work: finding the right curtains for the kitchen, choosing a new bath mat, or a radiator that needs painting. Before you notice, an entire month has gone by – the house-warming party is long overdue. The party is set for Saturday. As soon as you wake up you sit at the kitchen table still wearing your jersey wool nightshirt with its delicate button facing, coming slowly to life through the bright morning sun and a big mug of coffee whilst making a start on a shopping list for the evening. It doesn't take long before your friend joins you, just as dozy, dressed in cotton boxer shorts and a stretch top. You decide to go shopping together before getting everything ready for the party. The evening turns out great. All of your friends and many of your new neighbours turn up to see your new flat and to christen it in the appropriate way. Every single room is filled with chatting, dancing people until you finally fall into bed in the wee hours of the morning completely satisfied.

Mix it: a plethora of combination possibilities, always comfortable and stylish

On the Sunday morning you both enjoy a long lie-in until the bright sunlight comes streaming in through the balcony door. Lovely and comfortable in traditional checked pyjama trousers made of airy cotton and a tank top, you stay in bed a while longer, dozing off and reviewing the previous night. You finally pull yourself together and get up – the traces of the party will need to be cleaned up. You walk into the kitchen and are met by the smell of fresh coffee. Your friend is already getting on with things, still dressed in her softly cascading cotton nighty and flip-flops, her hair all over the place but in a great mood. You tidy up together, let a bit of air in and clean everything before sitting down to a long breakfast in the kitchen. There's only one way to blow away the last remnants of sleepiness: out into the fresh air for a long walk through the quiet streets. You stroll comfortably through the district and finally stop at a small bistro for an espresso and a nice slice of cheesecake. That evening your friend heads off to the sauna while you enjoy a lovely bubble bath before settling down on the couch in a pair of comfortable cotton jersey material shorts, a lacy top and a jersey cardigan. A great weekend.

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