The spring type

Typical features:

Hair: Golden blond, bright red, copper or brown with golden highlights

Eyes: Very light and clear, green, grey or golden brown

Complexion: Clear and light, golden to peach-coloured undertone, prone to freckles

The summer type

Typical features:

Hair: Light, ashen hair between platinum, light brown and mid brown

Eyes: Cool blue, blue-green or grey

Complexion: Delicate, rosy skin with beige undertones

The autumn type

Typical features:

Hair: Golden blonde, mid brown or dark brown, dark chestnut or dark brown with golden or red highlights

Eyes: Warm, golden blue, grey-green, light to mid brown, warm dark brown and black-brown

Complexion: Neutral to golden beige, bronze and warm olive, prone to freckles

The winter type

Typical features:

Hair: Mid to dark brown, black, black-brown or blue-black

Eyes: Clear grey, striking pale blue or green, dark brown

Complexion: Clear, pale and translucent, a soft olive tone or beige, a small amount of freckles