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What to wear in the home office?

Working from home is currently more in demand than ever before. But the question quickly arises, what do I wear when I am working from home?
We say: It should be comfortable!
A cozy sweatshirt, jogger pants and soft socks are perfect for relaxed working. This style looks like a casual business Look, but is also almost as comfortable as a classic weekend outfit.
If you're taking part in video conferencing, make sure you choose light colours and subtle patterns. Soft pastels like a trendy light yellow, a pink tone or a mint green are immediately more refreshing. Darker or brighter colours with flashy patterns often affect the image quality of the video call.
In Addition, sparkling jewellery can lead to undesired light reflections. As you can see, there are only small things to consider and a large selection of how to dress in your home office.
So all that remains is for us to say, slip into your comfortable outfit and start the day from home.

T-shirt - the perfect all rounder

This basic should not be missing in any wardrobe, because it simply belongs to every casual outfit. Whether plain white, colourful or with statement print, T-shirts are the perfect Styling All Rounder.
The combination of a white T-shirt with jeans and sneakers looks especially cool.
Together with a leather or denim jacket it looks pretty cool, if you prefer something more elegant you can wear a blazer. But also with skirts a T-shirt looks great, just put it casually in the waistband and you're done.
If this is too casual for you, go for a colourful T-shirt, or how about stripes or lace? For warmer temperatures, light linen shirts are the perfect choice.
You see, combined with jeans, jogger pants or under a blazer - no other garment is as versatile as the T-shirt.

New trend colors for your home

Even your home needs an update from time to time. The absolute trend colours for this year are sea tones like the classic blue or a matt turquoise, these will bring a fresh maritime look to your home.
If you don't want to paint an entire wall, you can easily pick them up in beautiful accessories like cushions or blankets.
The colours are often combined with grey, white or beige tones. But also warm, soft pastel shades and natural colours are very popular and provide that extra cosiness in your home.
Colours like powder, chocolate tones, olive green or ochre yellow dominate here.
Also those who like to highlight their home with strong colours can be excited, combinations of red and orange will also accompany us throughout the year.

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Wardrobe organisation: tips & tricks

Regular clearing out not only helps you to show what you have not worn for a long time, it also helps to clear your mind. Take your time to sort out, the most effective way to do this is to empty out the wardrobe completely and look at each item one by one. And it can't hurt to wipe it out once, can it?

Then start by putting back your favourite pieces at eye level. A good overview helps you to find the right clothes quickly in the morning. If possible, sort seasonal items away, because who needs winter coats in summer?
One more trick - turn all the hangers with the opening in one direction. For every piece you have worn you turn the opening the other way around permanently. The ones that haven't been turned after six months? You didn't even wear those pieces for half a year, that will help you for sure the next time you want to clean out.

Ready? Well done!  As a reward, you are allowed to add a new favorite piece!


Denim trends are always timeless. New trend? Jeans in pale to white garment washes! This basic is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Pale garment washes: In a minimalist look with black or a classic look with white – it's a guaranteed winner! Animal prints and bold colours add an extra dash of style.

White jeans: A trendy, all-white look is always an elegant and stylish choice. Important: Use your accessories to add little highlights. These shouldn’t also be white.

Dresses, dresses and more dresses

Chic, cool or feminine?
Dresses to suit every style. Psssst, …& every figure!

Fitted & flared: Perfect silhouettes guaranteed

Midi length: Perfect for taller women

A-line: Looking for a flattering fit? No problem

How to style special details like . . .



You love neon but don’t know how to wear this influencer look as part of your everyday style?

We say: Believe in yourself!

Our styling tip: To make bright neon yellow work as part of your everyday look, you should always combine it with a subtle colour like black, blue or beige.

Which neon colour is right for you?
If you have a lighter skin tone, then cooler neon colours like yellow or green will look great on you.
Darker skin tones can wear all neon colours. Bold neon pink or neon orange are sure to make your darker complexion shine.


The bandana is back

Whether you wear it as a scarf, a hairband, a hair tie or an upgrade for your bag – the bandana is THE ultimate spring accessory for your casual spring look.