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Maternity clothes by Esprit

At a time when everything is suddenly different there's one thing above all that we women want – to retain our own personal look. The days when swollen tummies were hidden under baggy dresses and shapeless tops are well and truly over. Today's maternity clothes are all about celebrating motherhood, emphasising maternal curves and flying the flag for the joy of pregnancy. Whether its a casual cotton top with tight jeans or a sexy, feminine knee-length jersey dress, it's our own individual style that gives us the freedom to transform ourselves whenever we want to at the same time as ensuring that some things always stay the way the are. Our wonderful maternity clothes collection for mums to be and for those post-natal days or weeks let's you enjoy this most exciting time in your own totally personal way.

Dazzlingly beautiful with new fashions

Just another few weeks at work then it'll finally be time to relax and prepare for the big day – but for now things are as busy as ever in the office. Before you can start your maternity leave there are still a lot of projects to be finalised. But maternity clothes and office fashion needn't be a contradiction in terms. Whether it's a pair of laid back cotton stretch trousers and wrap-around top or a comfortable, stylish stretch skirt with a long jumper, you'll breeze effortlessly through long days at the office just as cheerfully as ever. Just time for a quick snack and change in the evening – then it's off to your very first yoga class for mums to be. Sporty and comfortable in leggings or Capri pants and a stretchy tank top you enjoy the flowing movement and the feeling of your muscles loosening up one after the other until you're totally and wonderfully relaxed. There's plenty of time after the session to chat with the other girls before you slip into your empire coat and head for home.

Relaxed, classy and wonderfully feminine – maternity clothes that suit you

Finally the last day in the office comes to an end – you're almost nostalgic for the lively, busy atmosphere and all your colleagues. But there's still so much to do! Top of your list today is getting a cot for the baby. Such important decisions need time and of course plenty of input from your very best friend. Comfortably dressed in a high-waistband denim skirt or wrap-around skirt to a slimline top, your little trip to the baby shop soon morphs into a long, happy afternoon out. That evening, after you've assembled the cute little cot in the – almost complete – nursery, it's time to stretch out and relax on the sofa. In leggings with low-slung waistband together with a simple stretchy T-shirt and cosy cardigan you snuggle down into a whole heap of comfy cushions. Some quiet background music, a huge pot of tea and a plate of biscuits and you're ready to let your mind wander and explore your dreams. Time off work also means time for long walks in the woods or along the beach alone or with your partner. Dressed in comfortable high-waistband jeans and a simple V-neck cashmere jumper you breath in the fresh air, enjoy the natural world and use the time to discuss everything that's coming up in the next few days and weeks. The day draws to a perfect close with a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant. At this point you can still revel in your private little world of two. In a close-fitting dress of viscose stretch fabric or a long jersey dress and a quality knitted cardigan, the pair of you sit for ages over a wonderful meal, enjoy the atmosphere in the modest little establishment, laugh and chat enthusiastically about the time ahead.

And do look forward to the days ahead. Certainly some things will be different – but you can still stay loyal to your own personal look after the baby is born. With stylish nursing tops and dresses designed to make you feel great together with functional but still feminine bras, life for new mothers can be pleasant, practical and even more enjoyable than ever before. Enjoy this wonderful time and your own personal epiphanies with Esprit's well-designed and fabulously wearable maternity and nursing wear.

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