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Women's sneakers by Esprit

Sneakers stand for relaxed footwear – the one time sports shoes have long ago become a much loved fashion accessory. In the traditional combination with jeans, sneakers make just as good an impression as they do with lightweight Chinos, capri pants or even denim or cotton skirts. And even if there are no limits in terms of the materials, colours and styles of modern sneakers, even if we get to choose between colourful mixed material sneakers, soft velour sneakers, stylish sneaker booties and hundreds of other variants, the main reason we love our sneakers is simply because they are comfortable and exude a special air of nonchalance. We want to be casual – that's why we need sneakers for women.

Comfort with a huge portion of style

This weekend your sister's son is coming for a visit all by himself for the first time ever. It's a huge event for the little eight-year-old, and his first real trip. You're at least as excited as he is. You've taken the Friday afternoon off to collect your nephew at the station. Still in your casual office outfit, ankle-length velour sneakers in a warm brown shade, Chinos and a short leather blouson you wave to him while he's still quite a distance off and finally give him a big hug. On the way to your flat you both discuss things you could do that afternoon. Go down to see the ships on the river Elbe or maybe head for the huge playground at Planten un Blomen? Your nephew plumps for the ships. In a pair of used-look jeans and brightly coloured mixed material sneakers you both march off towards the underground heading for the jetties. Over a large ice cream you watch as a container ship comes into the port: you stroll along the jetties, feeding bits of ice cream cone to the seagulls and stop to listen to a couple of buskers. Enjoying the panoramic view in one of the tall double-decker buses that offer tours of the city you finally drive home through the streets of Hamburg taking all sorts of twists and turns along the way. After a huge plate of spaghetti each your nephew drops merrily into bed. A short while later you nod off on the sofa yourself.

Understated or in trendy colours, uni- or multi-coloured – sneakers to suit every taste

At the crack of dawn on the Saturday morning you tip-toe out of the house as quietly as possible to buy fresh rolls. In leggings, sneakers with fabric piping and a zip-up hoodie you jog along the sunny street to the baker's. By the time your nephew comes into the kitchen an hour later, still a bit dozy, you've already spread the breakfast table with rolls, juice, cocoa and fruit salad. Over breakfast you both reach the unanimous decision to go to Hagenbeck Zoo. You put on your dark denim skinny jeans and a knitted cardigan, and a pair of laid back suede booties with soft soles that can manage long walks through the vast facility with ease. The tropical aquarium, the elephants and the polar bear enclosure – your nephew is completely gob-smacked by it all and you too are fascinated by the plethora of exotic creatures and fancy enclosures. It's already afternoon by the time you get home. Taking a short break on the sofa with coffee and biscuits you chat about what you both liked best at the zoo. You've got tickets for the Altona children's theatre for the evening. You're almost looking forward as much as your nephew to seeing "The Robber Hotzenplotz", a classic story you used to love as a Christmas fairy tale when you were a little girl. Wearing your straight cut velvet corduroy skirt and a V-neck jumper with a pair of nubuck leather sneakers, you enjoy the show and your nephew's huge round eyes. He falls asleep in the S-Bahn on the way home, snuggled comfortably at your side.

You've planned something special for the Sunday. After you've both had a long lie-in and an expansive breakfast you take a walk to a café that a good friend of yours runs. Dressed in comfortable Sunday clothes, lace up booties, black skinny jeans and a sweatshirt you walk round to the kitchen of the café where your friend is just putting the finishing touches on the tarts and cakes for the day. Your nephew gets to help out as much as he likes: he helps to assemble one of the marzipan tarts and then gets to decorate a plate of freshly baked shortbread however he likes. You'll have to hurry to make it to the train station on time – with a big bag of biscuits and loads of great memories.

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