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Swimwear from Esprit

There is nothing commonplace about swimwear – most of us only ever wear it for a few weeks of the year. That may well be the very thing that gives swim- and beachwear their particular charm. Swimwear gives us the irresistible feeling of summer and freedom, of sand on our skin and the warm wind in our hair. A triangle bikini, a simple swim set or a sporty tankini are memories and promises at the same time. We feel last summer's warmth and endless days of sunshine and we know for certain: the next summer will eventually come.

The sun on your skin – swimwear for your dreams

Long hot days and balmy nights there's no way you can waste sleeping – do you remember a summer like that? Where better to spend it than on holiday at the seaside? When the first rays of the sun bathe everything in a reddish glow, then tiredness vanishes completely. In the light breeze that toys with your hair and in the fabulous golden light of the deserted beach you swim a few strong strokes in the gentle waves dressed only in your tankini with its spaghetti straps. The air is fresh and pleasant and you soak up energy for the coming day. Breakfast or another hour of sleep? Better still, a coffee on the veranda while the day slowly comes to life. A softly hanging cotton shirt over a monochrome under-wired bikini and hipsters is perfect for the early morning hours. Slowly everything around you starts waking up, and an hour later even your best friend is out of bed. Time for breakfast outdoors before you hit the beach. The morning is for you alone – and the sun. You doze off on an airy linen towel, run your feet through the sand and cool them off in the gentle surf every now and then. Dolce far niente, time for chatting and laughing and exactly the right situation for your favourite bikini. In your push-up bra and hipsters or in a black, finely detailed neck holder, you exude the relaxed sex appeal and the precise air of carelessness that characterises days like this.

Casual, sporty, cool and relaxed, but most importantly laid back and sexy for summer

You spend the hot midday period in the cool shade of the house. But as soon as the sun starts to cool off a bit it's time to get moving again. You give your energies free rein during a game of beach volleyball right on the seashore. A tankini or a bathing costume with a high cut leg will have no trouble in keeping up with you. Finally, breathless and covered in sand, you cool off in the sea after winning the game. The losers owe you a drink – preferably your favourite cocktail at the little bar right on the beach. In seconds flat you're ready to celebrate your victory comfortably and in relaxed summer style in your simple triangle bikini with midi under a tight top and shorts. Slowly the day draws to a close as you sit at the beach bar. With your feet in the sand and your cool glass in your hand you watch the sun go down over the sea and feel how the heat of the day slowly gives way. A wonderful summer day – and tomorrow will be exactly the same. Nonchalant, carefree and sexy in a relaxed way: beachwear should be exactly like a perfect summer's day. Enjoy your freedom and feel the summer sun on your skin every day of the year – with fantastic swimwear from Esprit.

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