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Make the most of the season’s new energy and ride with it. Nature is in full bloom, sunlight recharges your soul’s batteries and strong colors refresh your spirit. Be inspired by our new collection and look forward to happy summer moments full of laughter, joy and love.

Every summer needs that one perfect top. You know, the coziest, softest organic cotton, a casual fit that looks good with everything and a color that just makes you shine. Best of all, we have an entire range of them waiting for you.

Nothing goes better with the bright blue summer skies than our lightweight denims. By the way, our fits and washes are not only trendy, but also a statement for sustainability.

Stylish, yet effortless. With a relaxed urban vibe and clean lines, our new arrivals are perfect for roaming freely and carefree through the very first days of summer.


We have great ambitions for the summer of 2022. A new campaign. Contemporary. Positive. Bold. Powerful images, produced in the Esprit Studio, that capture the joy of summer. Take an exclusive look behind the scenes here.