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We would like to introduce someone really special. Joy the Dolphin is the newest member of the ESPRIT tribe and perfect embodiment of our uplifting, positive spirit. Why a dolphin? They are cheerful and intuitive, associated with kindness and intelligence and they have that irresistible playfulness, that always puts a smile on your face. More to the point: It’s hard to be in bad mood when there’s a dolphin around. Especially one that’s called Joy!

Currently, Joy is making a fashion-forward appearance in our recent Dolphin Tennis Club capsule, featuring contemporary spins on Tennis classics such as polos, pleated skirts and dresses and an abundance of bright hues including azalea pink, radiant orange, and jolly green. Whether you’ll be picking up your racket or not – this relaxed, sports-inspired capsule is a reminder to approach each day with a light-hearted spirit of happiness and creativity. The Dolphin Tennis Club capsule is exclusively available online.


From now on, Joy will be featured regularly for subtle logos or badges, as a unique token of ESPRIT’s love of people and the planet. For our brand, Joy is an inspiration to continue our strive for eco-friendliness, sustainability and living in harmony with nature. After all, the design was sparked by the return of the elusive pink dolphin to the waters around Hong Kong, thanks to decreasing pollution. Stay tuned for more!