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Caps & hats for children by Esprit

Caps and hats for children are fun and protective at the same time: a baseball cap in vintage style not only protects against the sun, but also looks cool; a cosy knit hat is perfect to keep warm and offers variety with fun stripes or chic glittering knits to choose from. Esprit’s caps and hats for children are perfect for all outdoor activities and seasons.

Caps and hats for kids – chic and practical

It’s Saturday afternoon and it’s pouring outside. But today, neither you or your young son or his big sister mind, as you have planned a joint project: in a few days, it’s their grandmother’s birthday and you are going to make her a photo album as a present. You have already chosen the best photos from joint outings and family celebrations. The pictures now only need to be stuck in the album and labelled. Your children have specially collected and dried flowers and pretty leaves and are looking forward to decorating the special album. Equipped with a box full of craft materials, glue stick and scissors, the three of you get to work.

For clever little heads: caps and hats for children

The first photo shows your children making a huge snowman in knee-deep snow in their grandparents’ garden. Your son is hard to recognise your son in his fluffy bobble hat, but your daughter is smiling into the camera as she puts her chic glittering rib hat on the snowman. Your son draws pretty snowflakes next to the photo and sprinkles some glitter on the corners, where he has applied some glue. On the next page, your daughter sticks a picture of a joint spring walk, in which she is wearing a colourful cotton twill cap with ribbons, and picking flowers. Your son is using his striped cotton blend hat to catch frogs – luckily without success. He's now drawing a little green frog next to the photo as your daughter sticks some dried flowers on the page. In the next picture, your two sports enthusiasts, both wearing authentic baseball caps, are practising baseball in the garden with their young-at-heart grandfather, who is also wearing a baseball cap. You are all not quite sure how you should decorate this page, but finally your daughter draws a frame of little stars around the photo. It’s quite clear that the next picture will receive a frame of autumn leaves, as it shows your family sitting around a camp fire in your parents’ garden. Your son, wearing his warm chunky knit hat, is sitting on his grandmother’s lap, snuggling with her and about to fall asleep , while your daughter, wearing a chic knit hat with flower appliqué, is sitting on her grandfather’s lap. This picture was taken on your mother’s last birthday – and you hope that this year’s birthday celebration will be as wonderful as last year’s. Will there be a camp fire in the garden again? In any case, you mustn’t forget to take your camera along!

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