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Shawls and scarves for children by Esprit

Shawls and scarves for children are both practical and chic: a striped cotton jersey scarf keeps children warm, is fun and adds some colour to your child’s outfit. Cosy chunky knit scarves with a pretty cable pattern or colourful fleece scarves keep our children warm and ensure that they can play and romp around outdoors even when it’s cold. When it’s a little warmer, a light cotton scarf protects against the wind and the cheerful prints add variety to our children’s clothes. Shawls and scarves for children by Esprit accompany our little whirlwinds in any weather.

Ready for any adventure – shawls and scarves for children

You are just about to get comfortable with a book on the sofa, when you hear loud noises coming from the children’s room. Your little boy and his big sister seem to be very busy, and you'd better check on them. You open the door and discover that the two of them are busy moving furniture from the wall into the middle of the room. Surprised, your eldest, who is sheepishly playing with the bobbles of her triangle shawl, tells you that she wants to teach her brother how to climb. You convince the two of them that the big adventure playground is much better suited for climbing than the children’s room. Once all the furniture has been moved back, your children put on their jackets. You wrap a warm fleece scarf around your son’s neck and put a matching fleece hat, which also protects his ears, on his head. Your daughter has already put on her chic glittering rib scarf by herself.

Shawls and scarves for children: chic and practical in any weather

There is a fresh breeze outside, but your little ones are full of beans, wrapped up warmly and not bothered by the wind in the slightest. Once you have arrived at the playground, your two whirlwinds run straight to the big climbing frame made from solid posts with a strong climbing net in between. Your daughter climbs up in a flash, but her little brother is not quite as fast. You smile to yourself as you watch your daughter climb back down to help her little brother. A little girl, wearing a colourful striped snood, joins them and the three of them pretend they are pirates on a huge ship, who are on the masts looking out for enemy boats to board. Your daughter is still wearing the triangle shawl under her glittering scarf and spontaneously turns it into a headscarf before declaring herself the captain of the pirates. Your little pirates quickly become the centre of attention on the playground and a little boy, who is wrapped up to his ears in a long cotton blend rib scarf, is watching them with his mouth wide open from the ground. The pirates contemplate capturing the little boy but luckily decide that they will hire him as a sailor instead. You snuggle up in your warm jacket, tighten your fluffy scarf and enjoy the fresh air – assured that your little pirates are going to be busy for the next few hours.

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