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Jeans and trousers for boys by Esprit

Jeans and trousers for boys by Esprit get put through a lot: romping, climbing and playing – looking casual and cool at the same time. Boldly coloured corduroy trousers, jeans in trendy vintage look or casual cargo pants with utility pockets – modern cuts and lots of trendy colours ensure variety. The adventurous spirit of our boys demands freedom of movement and high-quality materials. Jeans with lots of stretch material and trousers made of cotton corduroy are comfortable, robust and durable; active boys’ adventures in jeans and trousers by Esprit are child’s play.

Always in action: jeans and trousers for boys

Last year your son made some big strides: not only did he grow incredibly quickly, he also became a lot more independent – and even more active. So the invitation you just received is perfect: you and your son have been invited to a small barbecue party around a campfire on Saturday by friends of yours, whose two sons are playmates of your son. Before you go, you call up the mother to thank her for the invitation and discuss how you can help and what you should bring along. Two other families, who you know well, are also invited; your son likes to play with their children, too.

Jeans and trousers for boys – ready for any adventure

On Saturday, your little boy is very excited, as he gets ready in the late afternoon wearing his favourite corduroy trousers and zipped hoodie. You also take his parka along for later. When you arrive, you are enthusiastically greeted by the two sons. The younger one, with various tools protruding from the pockets of his cargo pants, immediately takes your son by the hand and runs into the garden with him. You and the host take the salad you have brought and put it on the buffet table. The boys are already very busy digging a pit for the fire with spades. Next, they gather stones to secure the pit. The boys proudly show off how many stones they can fit into their pockets. One of them even puts a large stone in the waistband of his stretch jeans. Once the stones are secured, they set off looking for wood. You have to explain to the little rascals that it doesn’t make sense to chop bushes and hedges, as only old and dry wood will burn. Afterwards, you help the boys prepare the fire. First you stack some paper, dry leaves and small twigs and then add larger sticks and branches. Awestruck, the older boy pulls the lighter his parents have entrusted him with out of the pocket of his cotton trousers and lights the professionally prepared fire together with his dad. With open mouths and laughing excitedly, the children observe how the flames start off slowly and then suddenly spread out and finally turn into an impressive campfire. From that moment on, the boys are busy the entire evening: baking bread on a stick, grilling sausages and keeping the fire going. You are enjoying the relaxed campfire atmosphere and great conversation with the other parents. Before you make your way home, the boys insist that the hosts promise them: more nights around the campfire will follow soon.

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