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Swimming trunks for boys by Esprit

Girls and boys enjoy the warm season to the full: swimming and playing in water is simply more comfortable in cheeky swim shorts or boldly coloured swimming trunks. Whether in the garden, on the beach, at the outdoor swimming pool or at the playground – sporty swim shorts and swimming trunks for boys by Esprit are perfect for any adventure, thanks to the high quality and excellent finishing.

Enjoy the summer with stylish swim shorts

Tomorrow, you are flying to Fuerteventura with your family. Together with your five-year-old son, you do some last-minute shopping for items that will make staying on the beach even more fun: a colourful striped beach blanket, an inflatable lilo and of course lots of sun cream. Your son is amazed at the huge selection of sun creams available – and the different packaging and bottles. You smile to yourself, and let him select his preferred children’s sun cream. You still need to find some swim shorts for your son. He takes quite a while to make a choose his favourites: swim shorts with a fun print or uni-coloured ones? Boxer swim briefs or Bermuda shorts? Finally, he decides on bold swim shorts in his favourite colours. When you arrive at home, your husband surprises you with freshly cooked pasta and a salad. You make yourselves comfortable at the kitchen table and chat about the upcoming trip. Your husband smiles as he tells you that the water temperature is forecasted to rise to 24 degrees Celsius on the weekend, and your son is very excited about his first swim in the ocean this year. After you have finished your meal, you and your husband clear the table and chat. A short time later, your son is standing in the doorway and proudly shows off his colourful patterned swim shorts – perfect for diving into the waves in the next few days. Then, full of anticipation, he holds your hand and leads you to his room. A huge pile of clothes is stacked on his bed – everything he wants to take with him. After some deliberation and advice from you, you both pack his suitcase together. Of course, nothing is as important as his swimwear!

Colourful swimwear for toddlers: print, pattern or single-coloured?

Finally, the day has arrived. After a substantial breakfast, your mother-in-law takes you to the airport. On the trip to the airport, she can’t help but also get excited about the holiday – wishing she could join you. The flight goes by quickly, almost too quickly for your son. In awe, he watches the passing clouds and the houses and cars that are becoming smaller and smaller. Once you have landed, checked in and had supper, the three of you enjoy your first walk on the beach. Although the sun is about to set, it is still pleasantly warm. Of course, your son puts on his swim shorts – after all, he has to check Dad’s water temperature forecast carefully by dipping his feet in the water. The next day, the action really starts: holding Mum and Dad’s hands, dressed in his new swim shorts, your son plunges into the turquoise waves. In the following days, every day includes a visit to the beach – your son quickly makes friends with other children who share his enthusiasm for the wet element. Together they jump into the white surf, dressed in fun printed swim shorts or single-coloured swimming trunks. On the last evening of your holiday, you take a final stroll on the beach to collect shells as souvenirs. Naturally, your son is a little sad that he will have to leave the sun, the beach and especially the waves behind. But he is also looking forward to being back home, seeing his grandmother and the return flight – from the plane, he waves at the sea one last time.

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