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Men's jeans by Esprit

Jeans are one of the classics and are always on our side. Just like our best mates they stay with us from our kindergarten days on, throughout our school days and our entire lives; they're inseparably connected with our personality and our own unique style. Whether it's traditional 5-pocket or slim fit men's jeans, whether casual in gritty dark denim or trendy narrow leg in coloured denim – jeans give us a never-ending choice of new, relaxed outfits. Vastly different, versatile and completely irreplaceable: a fitting description for our best mates – and for men's jeans.

Complete Jack-of-all-trades and right at the front of our wardrobes – jeans for men

Your day in the office is nearing its end. As you answer the last few emails and discuss next week's meetings your eye is magnetically drawn to the clock: as soon as the weekend starts you and three good mates set off for Barcelona. You've all known each other for years and are intimately connected through a whole bunch of shared adventures – who better to join you as you explore a whole new town? The office doors close behind you and your adventure kicks off. Back home you've just got time for a quick shower and a snack before quickly packing your bags. A couple of trendy shirts and a pair of stylish vintage jeans are an absolute must of for a visit to one of the world's fashion capitals. Your best mate picks you up in a taxi and you set off for the airport in a relaxed weekend outfit of used jeans, sneakers and a cotton zip-up hoodie. After a short flight and taxi ride you arrive at your hotel in the middle of Barcelona's lively Gracia district – and, even though it's already dark, the streets are full of life. You feel like you're back in the old days. In high spirits and a great mood you allow yourself to be jostled through the area and finally end up at a tiny club in a little side street. With your cotton stretch jeans of coloured denim and a casual shirt you fit perfectly in the special, young atmosphere of the little bar. You don't head back to the hotel till the wee hours of the morning.

Classic denim, stretch or trendy colours – jeans are as versatile as we are

The next morning starts with an expansive breakfast, loads of coffee and big plans: after some discussion you decide to take a trip to the Gothic quarter. In T-shirt and straight-fit used jeans you stroll through the narrow streets, passing mighty cathedrals before finally pausing for lunch at the Placa Reial. Sat at a little table in the midst of the colourful whirl of street life the time flies by in a flurry of looking, chatting and laughing. It's already midday as you head back to the hotel and chance upon an announcement of an exciting new restaurant opening at a street corner: seafood with a Spanish touch, along with live music on a fantastic roof terrace – the perfect plan for your final evening in the city. A short stop-off at the hotel then you're off again. In a high-quality striped shirt with thin-leg jeans of washed denim the four of you enjoy the mild evening with great food and authentic Spanish music. It's an evening you'll remember for a long time and tailor-made for you to celebrate your friendship. The final day is all about relaxation. You've still got the morning for a trip to the Playa de Sant Sebastià. In a pair of dark 5-pocket jeans and a simple V-necked cotton jumper you and your mates take a stroll along the waterfront, snooze in the warm sand and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. A quick snack at a little tapas bar on the seafront then it's back to the hotel and off to the airport. As you watch the landscape shrink away below you let the past few days drift by your mind's eye – then it's time to plan your next trip with your mates.

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