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Men's bermudas from Esprit

Bermudas are a perfect for leisure activities and sport. The huge range of materials and styles make for a plethora of combination options with tops, belts and shoes: a pair of laid-back cotton stretch Bermuda shorts with a colourful long-sleeved top, a pair of high-quality linen bermudas with a shirt and shoes, or a robust pair of denim bermudas with a stylish print-pattern shirt – combine your outfits to suit yourself; men's bermudas are always the perfect addition to your own personal leisure look.

Masculine men's bermudas for any occasion

One Monday morning you find a postcard with a picture of a ship in your letter box. After reading the back of the card a smile spreads across your face. One of your oldest friends wants to ask you and another friend to help make one of your boyhood dreams come true – to which end he's rented a boat for the weekend. True enough your boyhood dreams involved circumnavigating the globe, but a weekend's sailing is a decent start. The week seems to fly by. Your mate picks you up on the Friday afternoon to drive to the pre-arranged meeting place. In a pair of bright coloured cargo bermudas and a blue shirt you get into the car with your holdall. When you get to the meeting point, the one responsible for arranging the tour is already standing on the jetty in a pair of cotton stretch-bermudas, a stylish printed shirt and smart pair of sunglasses waving over to you. Together you climb aboard the small but smart boat, which has plenty of room for three. It goes without saying that your mate gets to wear the captain's hat as he takes the first stint at the rudder.

Bermudas mean sun, fun and style

The planned route follows the river up to a little mediaeval town. You spend the first evening on board, enjoying the atmosphere on the calm water and chatting into the wee hours. It turns into a merry evening – after consuming all the sausages, salads and drinks you've brought along the other two decide to sleep in bunks whilst you opt for a night on a stripy hammock. The next day starts in glorious sunshine and by the time you arrive on deck in a pair of casual linen-mix bermudas your two mates have already set the breakfast table. Over breakfast you discuss the shore leave planed for the afternoon. You disembark at the mediaeval town in a pair of eye-catching checked cotton Bermuda shorts and a white polo shirt. Together you visit an old fashioned castle with it's tower rooms, banqueting hall and dungeon. After the impressive tour you sail up-river a bit further. In a small bay you spontaneously dive into the water in your cotton bermudas to cool off, and your mates are quick to follow you in. As you lay on the deck drying off you feel a million miles away from the rat race. That evening you moor up at the next town along the route. You sit with your friends in a small harbour inn until well into the night dressed in a pair of casual used-look denim bermudas and a long-sleeved shirt and talk about future plans. But the next day you're already on your way back to the starting point. In the afternoon you pay another visit to a pub on the river bank near to your destination and sit in the beer garden in a pair of used-look Bermuda shorts and a white T-shirt. You all drink a final toast to your mate who took the first step towards your round-the-world sailing trip – and a short time later you're already tying up the boat at your home jetty. But before you all drive home your mate has to put up with one final practical joke: with your combined energies you throw him bodily into the water still dressed in his denim bermudas and shirt – and then you dive in after him. After this eventful weekend you all agree that it'll have to be followed by further boat trips together in the future.

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