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Women's suit trousers from Esprit

Flawless business styling, a comfortable fit and a huge portion of femininity – suit trousers encompass all these benefits and more; they're available in every style and material and make us look great in a relaxed way, regardless of whether we're in the office, at an official event or at a business meeting. Stretch or business trousers, glen checks, shepherds' plaid or herringbone, our outfits deserve that certain something. And what is it we deserve? Nonchalantly elegant suit trousers, that give us never ending combination possibilities for our own unique style.

Traditionally plain or loudly coloured, pleats or boot cut

You've been invited to your sister's birthday party. Dressed in a pair of traditional dark suit trousers, cheekily combined with a brightly coloured waterfall top, you stand around with a few old friends reminiscing about your school days. A beautiful princess, a vet or a world-famous actress – you listen to your friends' girly dreams with a wry smile. As long as you can remember you own personal ambition was to own your own little café with everything that involves: a fancy cakes and tarts, a varied range of stylish vintage furniture and a carefully decorated shop window. A friend of your sister's pricks up her ears: they're looking for a tenant for a former confectionery shop just a few houses down from your own place. The premises and location are tailored-made for a cosy little café. The very next morning you agree a meeting with the estate agent. In a pair of narrow cut tweed trousers and a short blazers you wait in front of the shop and get to know the immediate vicinity. Your curiosity is piqued by boutiques, small designer shops and trendy restaurants. Inside the store you fall in love at first sight. Old-fashioned blue and white tiles on the wall, a worn out white wood counter and a shop window that covers the whole frontage that makes the entire area appear big and bright. Even part of the equipment from the old baking shop still survives. On the spur of the moment you agree to meet up for dinner with your friend in a small sushi bar to let her into your secret and ask for her advice. Just as you're filling her in on all the details wearing a pair of dark green Chinos, booties and a light coloured cardigan, the agent calls . The owner of the house wants to meet you at the end of the week to learn more about your ideas. After a short instant of amazement and in a fit of enthusiasm you and your friend start trying to think of a name for your future café.

Women's suit trousers: perfect for the office, fantastic in everyday life

A few days later, in glen-check trousers and a silk blouse, you're standing confidently and feeling euphoric in the estate agent's office presenting your ideas to the house owner. Your enthusiasm seems to be contagious – the landlord promises to have the contracts drawn up as soon as possible. With an appointment for a second viewing and a good chance of clinching the contract you set off for home – overjoyed. There are still so many things for you to do: meetings with the bank, get-togethers with tradesmen and negotiation with suppliers. Over the next few weeks you're on the go from mornings to nights, sometimes dressed in stretchy boot-cut trousers and sometimes in slim-leg herringbone business trousers. The whole interior decoration needs to organised and food and beverage menus need to printed. Friends of yours hand out flyers and put a lot of effort into helping you with various cake creations. Flowers and small customised accessories perfect the personal ambience of you little shop. On the opening day you're standing proudly behind the counter is a pair of bright grey canvas-look trousers and a sophisticated back blouse – it's high time for a new insider tip!

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