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Women's jeans by Esprit

We love variety: what we eat, how we plan our day, the way we dress – the right combination of new and the tried and trusted, of daring and traditional – that's what makes life so diverse and interesting. Women's jeans are no exception. On the contrary; they are best example of variety and are an essential component of a feminine, individual style. Which other item of clothing combines relaxed sex appeal and timeless elegance as well as jeans cut specially for women? Whether you're laid back in denim Chinos, adopting a traditional look in boot-cut jeans or looking sexy in skinny jeans: life has many facets. Let's enjoy each of them, and all of them in jeans.

Business, boyfriend-style and charmingly feminine – women's jeans are always right

The week starts off at a hectic pace. On Monday you've got meetings all over the city. You're chopping and changing between trains and taxis, meeting customers, discussing things with business partners and planning new projects. A sober pair of black skinny jeans with a softly hanging chiffon blouse have an air of formal elegance without restricting your movements throughout the long day. Tuesday is all the more relaxed. After finishing up early you meet up with your best friend to take a lengthy stroll through the town centre. You drift through the town in showy boot-cut jeans, wedges and a light stretch-fabric blouse, taking in the sights, doing a bit of shopping and chatting. Later the evening draws to a close with a cosy meal back at your place. Wednesday and Thursday go by in a flash, filled with all the usual tasks. As always there's loads to do and no time to catch your breath. Despite the stress a pair of pastel coloured stretch jeans and traditional straight leg jeans with blazer make for casual elegance and a good mood in the office. Friday is dress-down day – you can wear whatever you like in the office. This week that consists of a pair of flared jeans either in dark blue or vintage look in which your working week draws to a relaxed end. You've earned a rest. That evening you're invited to a private viewing at a small gallery just round the corner. Art has to be audacious; your outfit with coloured jeans is certainly that. In your bright red skinny jeans and favourite ankle boots you pass the time in exciting conversations until finally, late in the evening, you and a friend wind up the day with cocktails and idle chat about the evening's impressions.

Jeans – right for any occasion, the understated highlight of any outfit

Saturday: the weekend at last! You wake up well-rested and bursting with energy. The sun is shining: it's the perfect day for a picnic in the park with a few friends. Everyone brings something along. In just a few seconds you're all sitting cosily on blankets surrounded by baskets and all sorts of goodies. In your denim Chinos and tapered chequered shirt you lie back daydreaming in the grass feeling the sun on your face as you let the hours simply drift by. It gets dark much too early and it's time to make plans for the evening. A good friend of yours has managed to get precisely those concert tickets that you were unable to get your hands on. In stretchy washed look jeans and a fashionable top you let the music carry you away, enjoy the loud pulsating atmosphere in the small venue and drop into bed late in the evening, tired but happy. Sunday is just for you. After a long bath and a lavish beauty session you take your time to enjoy a late breakfast wearing your weekend well-being outfit: soft used jeans and your favourite T-shirt. A glance through the newspaper, tidying up the flat and then a telephone call to your best friend – all standard elements of the Sunday morning programme. A flea market just round the corner? So there is something to be discovered today after all. Together you stroll around the stands on the lookout for little treasures. Combined with a narrow top your used denim look blends in perfectly in the lively flea market atmosphere. The week comes to an end with a quiet Sunday evening – but tomorrow everything will once again be new and different. Be prepared for every new day with a zest for life and a delight in discovery. Enjoy life's diversity – with women's jeans from Esprit.

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