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Women's capri pants from Esprit

Women's capri pants are always perfect, and not just in summer. A pair of lightweight capri pants is certainly the right choice for pleasant temperatures and for the kinds of activities you do in the warmer seasons, but they can be used for much more than just that. Stretch capri pants of soft denim, laid-back linen capri pants in Chino-look or slim-fit cotton capri pants can be combined with all of our other favourites – because women's capri pants exude a summery feeling regardless of the season.

Women's capri pants are shorthand for smart but casual laid-back style

The summer is gradually drawing to a close. According to the weather forecast this weekend will see the last warm days of the year – it goes without saying that you need to make the best of them. On the Saturday morning you mount your trusty bicycle dressed in a pair of light cotton shorts and a white top and take a slow ride over to see your best friend. From the first sun rays of the day it is already obvious that the weather is going to be glorious. You lean your bike against the wall of her house and immediately notice a tempting aroma coming from her kitchen. As you walk through the terrace door into her flat your friend is already waiting for you with a stack of freshly baked pancakes. As always she looks enchanting as she flits about the kitchen in a pair of casual stretch-denim capri pants and a loose long-sleeved printed top. You sit together out in the garden and enjoy the fantastic morning. You make space among the plates of delicious pancakes and jam jars and spread out a detailed street map of the surrounding area. You mark up your intended route for the day in red felt tip. You decide to follow a route along the river and choose a pretty little café as your final destination. After a lengthy breakfast you get ready to head off – whilst your friend is getting changed you glance at the thermometer, which is registering a pleasant 22o centigrade. Dressed now in white capri treggings and a blue blouse your friend fetches her bike from the basement.

Feminine capri pants are stylish and versatile

You enjoy the ride along the quite river bank and soak up the various impressions. You gaily chat away about the most important events of the previous week as you follow the course of the river, passing little bays and boat houses. A few hours later you reach your destination. After a refreshing glass of apple juice spritzer and a juicy slice of tangerine tart you decide to take a little walk. Along the way you bump into an acquaintance who is just on her way to the river bank, dressed in a stylish pair of vintage-look capri pants and sunglasses, and carrying a blanket, to enjoy the sunny day at the water's edge. Together you all make your way to an expansive meadow by the side of the river, surrounded by shady oak and beech trees. You chat for ages in a relaxed atmosphere, watch kids charging about playing various ballgames and lap up the warm sun rays. You almost lose track of the time, but it's finally time to say goodbye to your acquaintance and start heading for home. Soon you're off. You ride through the picturesque scenery in the direction of the slowly sinking sun. Just before you get back home you decide on the spur of the moment to say a proper goodbye to summer in a bar on the roof terrace of a block of flats. In your slim-fit capri pants and a lightweight cardigan you feel just as much at home and properly dressed for this environment as you did earlier on the riverside meadow. You relax on comfortable deckchairs and watch the sun go down. You chat about the highlights of the summer and the slowly ending day between fresh Caipirinhas and finger food. In your thoughts you're already planning the next bike trip together.

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