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Women's bathrobes by Esprit

Bathrobes are an essential part of our wardrobes even though they never leave our four walls. They are our own understated fashion item – well-being in the most stylish form. Bathrobes for women don't need to be put on display. They are a piece of home and a lot of comfort. And even if you never want to let go of your favourite bathrobe, there are so many options available: a light-weight, cosy kimono for the first coffee in the garden on a summer morning or the thick, warm towel-material bathrobe that wraps us in fluffy well-being after a shower. Real luxury doesn't need much: just a bit of peace, time and a lovely bathrobe.

Soft, cuddly and wonderfully comfortable – terry towelling, velour or Modal stretch

Finally! You and your best friend are having a couple of days at a luxury spa hotel just outside the city, in magical location right by the woods. The first thing you do after arriving in your room is to throw yourself onto the giant double bed to read through the beauty and spa offering. Massages and aromatic oils, manicures and facials, masks and therapeutic baths – how will you manage it all within two days? The first thing to try out is the spa area. Even in the anteroom you are handed a couple of soft cream-coloured bathrobes and matching slippers. Softly wrapped up your head for the generously proportioned pool, where you float around in the warm water enjoying the quiet music and every now again you lay yourself in the hot whirlpool.You plump for the steam bath, which is recharged with new aromatic essences every day. You sit there for a long time with your eyes closed in the hot steam with its fruity aroma and feel how your muscles relax whilst you let your thoughts wander. After a last plunge in the pool to cool off you finally wrap yourself up in your fluffy bathrobe, feeling wonderfully light and sleepy. Just time for freshly squeezed juice at the pool bar and then back to your room.

The bedclothes are already folded back and two kimonos of thick, cosy terry towelling are waiting for you. You're so wonderfully relaxed that the cool silky cushions seem much more tempting than the excursion you'd actually planed to the nearby town. It turns into a real best-friend evening: lovely and comfortable in the velvety soft kimonos lying on a load of cushions you sit next to one another on the bed, order a snack from room service and watch old films on the hotel channel.

Making our mornings perfect and our weekends comfortable: women's bathrobes

The next morning you enjoy a long lie-in until the bright sunlight comes streaming in through the balcony door. In the breakfast room you're greeted by a luxurious buffet with fruit salad, fresh orange juice, muesli, yoghurt, eggs and warm bread rolls. A great cup of coffee makes the start of the day perfect. On the schedule for today is an elaborate beauty programme. After a few quick strokes in the swimming pool you and your friend are each given a high-quality brown kimono of velvety velour in the extensive spa area. A traditional facial followed by a luxurious face mask for you and the whole-body chocolate mask for your friend after which you're both booked in for a hot-stone massage and an aroma bath. Warmly wrapped in the soft material of your kimono you lie back on your lounger, enjoy the soft movements and sink into a feeling of complete peace and relaxation. After a salad and a walk through the neighbouring wood your friend heads off to a facial she's booked in the spa area. You're booked in for a manicure in your own room. Comfortable and completely relaxed you sit yourself on the couch with a magazine and a light kimono of stretch material whilst your nails enjoy a right royal treatment. Perfectly styled and feeling as if you've been newly born you sit in the hotel restaurant that evening and enjoy being pampered for the last time. These two days have been more than just a holiday. Time for yourself, time to enjoy and relax – time for everything that constitutes real luxury.

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