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Sandals and high-heel sandals for women by Esprit

Women's sandals and high-heel sandals immediately add an effortless, summery note to our own personal style, because they almost conjure up a feeling of having sand or lawn under our feet. Women's sandals and high-heel sandals are available in huge range of styles and shapes so that they always be combined perfectly with our favourite outfits: whether it's a pair of leather sandals with feminine cross-over straps or raffia sandals with wedge heels and platform soles; they always go great with a breezy summer dress or a pair of cool jeans. Our beloved sandals have long since made themselves at home in the city and office because we always make a great impression in a pair of feminine sling-back sandals with mini heels or a smart pair of strap-up wedgies.

Effortless femininity: women's sandals

It's a warm Saturday morning. As soon as you get back from your round of jogging you throw off your trainers. It's definitely too warm for any further exertion today. After a shower you immediately feel more refreshed and are glad to have gone out so early for your morning run. Just as you're settling down to a good book on your balcony the phone rings. Some friends of yours have decided that today is the perfect day – and the perfect weather – for a day out together. You agree immediately and quickly jump into a pair of short shorts and an airy tunic top ... but then you hesitate: where will you be spending the day? If you need to be dressed for the city, you'd love to wear your new bast fibre, high-heeled wedgies. But if it's more likely to be a trip to a lake or the countryside, then a pair of flat open-toed sandals would be more appropriate. On the spur of the moment you opt for a pair of pretty strap sandals with glittery patterns that bridge the gap perfectly between the city and the countryside. On the one hand they've got a comfortable flat sole for walking on and on the other they have a fashionable mini heel. Just in case you throw some sunscreen, a bottle of mineral water and your book into your spacious bast fibre bag, and stick a pair of shades on your forehead; then it's time to head off. Your friends come to collect you by car. You all feel happily boisterous and totally summery in your light summer outfits, airy shirts, sandals and high-heel sandals. Amidst the great music and entertaining chit chat you completely forget to ask where you're all off to, but then again, on a day like today, the journey itself is the destination.

Women's sandals and high-heel sandals – casual but stylish at the same time

After just a short drive you come to a little man-made lake, where there's a little café and boats to rent. One of your friends immediately takes off her Roman sandals and runs into the water up to her knees. Soon you're all in the water splashing and dunking each other. In the balmy weather your clothes dry off quickly during a short boat trip. In the middle of the sparkling lake one of your friends gets a shock: she's left her beloved cork-heeled sandalettes on the shore. As quick as you can you pedal the boat back to the spot on the shore where the sandalettes are still lying in the grass waiting for your friend to pick them up. To reward you for the sudden burst of energy your friend buys the rest of you a refreshing bowl of ice cream at the café. A lovely end to your day out together.

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